Find Fall and Winter Crappie With Lowrance LiveSight

Fall and winter crappie fishing success depends on your ability to find fish with your electronics. Wired2Fish’s Mitch Anderson demonstrates how he uses a combination of Lowrance’s SideScan Imaging to find the crappies, then LiveSight real-time sonar to stay on the fish and systematically work the school from the top with a blade bait. 


Today’s fish finder technologies may seem overwhelming and unnecessary to many, but it’s inarguable that they help you catch more fish. Mitch demonstrates this as he quickly finds schools of crappies then tracks their movement using LiveSight real-time sonar — this is nearly impossible with traditional 2D sonar. LiveSight also allows you to keep the boat off the top of the school to reduce spooking while real-time bait tracking lets you systematically fish the top of the school. You’ll catch more fish doing this with gamefish (e.g., crappie) that prefer feeding upward in the water column.


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