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Find and Catch Crappie on Brush Piles in the Wind

Fishing brush piles can produce some outstanding bites for crappie. Anyone who has fished one on a windy day knows it’s hard to stay on top and stay out of snags. Lee Pitts is an authority on crappie fishing and he breakdowns the little things you can do to stay in the zone to catch crappie over brush piles in windy conditions. Jig head size plays a big factor in how vertical you can stay so choosing the right weight for the conditions can make all the difference. Pitts explains that rod angle is also key in this situation. By Keeping the rod tip low, you avoid the wind steering the bait away from the brush while allowing for less slack and maximum feel. Pitts stresses using a variety of sonar technologies to pinpoint brush piles and how to position your boat on them.