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Over The Gunnel | Jason Talks This Year’s Fishing

With this new OVER THE GUNNEL series, we plan to have more conversational videos about our personal observations and experiences, and we amy end up including some podcast type videos with other anglers as well.

I get a lot of questions about my fishing, where I fish, what the fish are doing, where I’ve been fishing, what boat I’m running and the like, so I thought I’d share a more philosophical video on what I’ve been focusing on this year fishing, and changing up a lot of my fishing including boats, places I fish, what I fish for, and more.

I also discuss having a good small angler network and how having an angler or two that will bounce ideas back and forth with you can help your fishing and theirs. So I like to talk to just a few guys and compare notes on occasion as most of us fish on our own, and while we fish together sometimes, we often share different things we find hoping they can expand on what we’re seeing around where they are fishing.

I also think sharing what you see with others can lead you possibly in some different directions and give you additional ideas when they share similar experiences of their own when you share. So I’ve stumbled onto to some really good fishing over the years just comparing notes with other good anglers.

I also talk some about the good folks in the fishing industry who always seem to help each other out in a pinch.

Here’s some of the gear I’ve been using this season for panfish and bass shared in this video:

Panfish Rods

Panfish Reels

Panfish Baits

Bass Baits