Crappie Fishing With Garmin Panoptix LiveScope

Crappie fishing can be as simple or sophisticated as you’d like, and for many touring crappie pros, electronics are essential tools to find fish on new waters. Crappie ace Tim Blackly demonstrates how he uses Garmin Panoptix LiveScope to clearly define fish-holding cover and even count individual fish.

Blackly explains how seeing fish in real-time helps him decide to stay or go, and perhaps as importantly, how fish are responding to his lure. Seeing fish move on your bait in real-time lets you make quick adjustments to match the mood of the fish. Jigging aggression is case in point – a little movement of the rod tip translates into big movement of the jig underwater, so Blackly stresses the importance of barely moving your rod tip.

Something else to consider… if you have gamer kids, fishing with LiveScope makes crappie fishing a video game, only with real poles, real bait and real fish. It’s a highly productive and engaging way to fish crappie for those that like technology as part of their fishing experience.


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