5 Must Haves for Your Fishing Boat

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Ive owned a bass boat for around 6 years now, and I’ve been in one for much longer than that. When I first got into fishing it seemed there was hardly anything on boats. Just a couple small fish finders, a trolling motor and you were ready to rock. While there’s still plenty of boats without $30,000 in electronics on them, it can getting pretty daunting pretty quick when you focus on all the new electronics you can add to your boat. While I’m a huge advocate for the power of electronics, this piece is focused on affordable upgrades that can enhance the functionality of your fishing vessel. I talked with a few of my close fishing buddies and we put together a list of 5 must haves for your fishing vessel. 

T-H Marine Troll Tamer Motor Locking System


I wanted this list of accessories to be accessible for all anglers, so price point was a huge factor in why we chose what we chose. That being said, the first product that unanimously made the list was the T-H Marine Troll Tamer. This product is designed to secure your trolling motor to the deck of your boat in rough water, insuring it doesn’t accidentally deploy. Not only does this product protect against rough water, but it keeps your trolling motor from shaking as you run down the lake, ultimately prolonging the life of your investment.

I’ve ran both a Lowrance Ghost and a Minn Kota Ultrex, and I quickly learned the importance of using a T-H Marine Troll Tamer. I made multiple trips to the Great Lakes throughout my time fishing in college. The first of which I was totally unprepared for how big the waves got. I ended up making a 40-mile run out into Saginaw Bay on tournament day, and the wind was blowing straight down the pipe. By the time I got to my spot I had basically beaten my boat to death. All my gimbals were bent from the waves, my trolling motor had rattled to death and my back felt like it was going to break. Needless to say the first thing I did when I got back was tighten all my trolling motor screws and install a T-H Marine Troll Tamer.


On the topic of protecting your investments, the Transducer Shield and Saver transducer mounts were another unanimous candidate for our list. I’ve been using Transducer Shield and Saver products for several years now, and I’ve been extremely impressed with their durability and functionality. I have two 3-in-1 transducers on the back of my boat, I also have a Humminbird 360 transducer up front.

I use Transducer Shield and Saver mounts for all three of these transducers as they do a great job of keeping them in place and protecting them from foreign objects. Stumps, logs and flooded timber have caused me to lose numerous transducers in the past, and it was my main reason for initially purchasing Transducer Shield and Saver mounts. The mounts wrap around the side of your transducers and attach firmly to your vessel. Ensuring your mount will take the force from any unknown impact.


Another common add-on to bass boats is an after market trolling motor handle. No matter what brand of trolling motor you run, handles are always prone to breaking after extensive amounts of use. I’ve broken tons of handles over the last several years, often during a tournament. I eventually got tired of dealing with this issue and invested in the Bob’s Machine Shop “Big D” Trolling Motor Handle.

This handle claims that it is unbreakable, and so far I cannot deny it. Ive used this handle for over a year now and it has yet to break on me. I put hundreds of hours on my boat each year, so this handle has seen some abuse. This is a super cheap and easy way to upgrade a piece of equipment you use every time you hit the water. While keeping your trolling motor functioning is important, your big motor is just as crucial.

T-H Marine Hot Foot


I’ve owned two bass boats throughout the course of my life. The first was an old Ranger with throttle control and the other is a Phoenix with a TH-Marine Hot Foot. While the throttle control worked fine on my Ranger, I never knew how nice it was to have a TH-Marine Hot Foot. The Hot Foot is a gas pedal add on that allows you to control your speed just like a car. This is crucial for high powered boats as it allows you to have both hands on the wheel while driving. 

Not only is this a necessary safety feature, but it really enhances the performance of your boat. This allows you to quickly let off the throttle whenever you approaching waves other hazards. It also gives you added control of your vessel as you can have both hands on the wheel at all times while still controlling speed. While this features typically comes standard with the majority of high powered bass boats, I would recommend it for low powered vessels as well.

DD26 Rod Tie Down Straps


Last but certainly not least, having quality tie down straps for your rods and reels is crucial. This is especially true in rough water. I’ve lost several rods to waves coming over the bow and knocking them loose. I eventually decided to run two different rod straps to ensure my rods are secure in rough water. My boat came with the traditional retracting rod straps, however I decided to add the DD26 Fishing Rod Tie Down Straps as extra protection. 

These straps feature an elastic band, hook and D-rings that attach directly to the deck of your boat. Installation is super simple as it only requires a drill and a few minutes of your time. This product is super affordable and is a must-have for anyone that wants added protection for their rods and reels while running down the lake. Whether you already have rods straps or not, the DD26 Fishing Rod Tie Down Straps are an easy addition that can help you save hundreds of dollars in lost equipment.

It’s no secret that bass fishing is expensive, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a great fishing vessel. All of these add-ons are super affordable and an easy way to increase the functionality of your boat. Whether you’re a seasoned tournament angler or just a weekend warrior, investing in these products is a great way to have a better experience on the water without breaking the bank.