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Using Octane Booster in Your Tow Vehicle

Today’s fuels can cause major issues for trucks and other tow vehicles. It used to be that additives were only used in trucks with lots of miles. Minimum octane levels of 87 octane with 10 percent ethanol are the rule and most truck and engine manufacturers recommend 87 as it is the most prevalant fuel found in the marketplace. Flex fuel products can contain even more ethanol.

I use Safeguard Ethanol Treatment from Lucas when using ethanol blends and have seen an increase in fuel performance as a result. The right additives really help today’s engines. 

For the last year or so, I’ve also been running a small bottle of Lucas Octane Booster with every 4th or 5th fill up and my truck engine has run excellently as a result. It starts easier, runs stronger and I don’t notice the occasional bogging or pinging when towing. 

Lucas Octane Booster is a performance enhancer that has been rigorously tested and proven to deliver three times more boost than other brands. It is safe in both injected and carburated engines and won’t hurt turbos, oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. It also promotes a more efficient fuel burn and fewer emissions. It also stops knocks and increases fuel mileage in high compression engines. 

If your truck knocks or has trouble climbing an incline we suggest using a recommended amount of Lucas Octane booster. It just might help. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Lucas Octane Booster is NOT recommended for outboard boat motors.