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Real World Experience with Lucas Ethanol Treatment

If you are like most of us who pull a boat, fuel costs and fuel types can be an issue every time you pull up to the pump. Flex Fuel vehicles utilize E-85, E-15 or E-10 effectively, but fuel economy goes in the bucket. Boat engines do not like it very well, and all kinds of issues have resulted with its use in them. Most outboards call for regular unleaded at at least 87 octane for best results. You should consult with your engines manufacturer to find out desired fuels that work best.

Since June, I have been using Lucas Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner in my boats and my tow vehicle. It’s my security blanket for fuel. As I have documented before in previous articles, using it has kept my boat engines running smooth and performing at full efficiency. I have even seen my small engine gain back some lost horsepower with regular use of synthetic oil and Safeguard in concert.

While the boats are stored in the Man Cave for a few winter months, it stabilizes the gas, decreases the potential for harmful moisture build up and gives me a peace of mind to know I won’t have problems when I run it the first time after it has sat.The real beauty of this product is its use in my RAM 1500 pickup. The cost of E-85 has made it cost effective to run it. I look for a 50 cent difference between it and regular unleaded as my benchmark. Right now, in my area, regular unleaded is $3.29 per gallon and E-85 is $2.69. I was willing to give up some economy to save a few bucks at the pump but if the miles per gallon loss was too drastic I didn’t save much.

I am very much a person who looks at the little things and attention to detail with my vehicles, both on the outside and the inside is mandatory. I keep records of every service call, oil change and update. I really watch fuel economy, as well. Before Safeguard burning E-85, I averaged 14 mpg. It is important to note that I reset my fuel monitoring system on every fill up. With regular unleaded fuel I was averaging 18 mpg. With E-85 and Safeguard, I am averaging almost 17 mpg. That is a very significant increase and allows me to get nearly the same fuel economy with a decreased overall fuel bill. Needless to say, I am thrilled.

A 16 fl. oz. bottle of Lucas Safeguard treats 80 gallons of fuel. Basically 1 ounce treats 5 gallons, and I keep a bottle in my truck always.

Maintaining tire pressure, having regular oil changes with a high grade synthetic oil, and keeping filters clean are all part of the equation too but there is no doubt that Lucas Safeguard is a great product. Whether using it in your boat to clean and protect it or in your vehicle to increase efficiency Lucas Safeguard is a product that takes the worry out of maintenance and service issues.

To learn more about it go the Lucas Oil website.