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Protect Your Outboard with High-Quality Oil

Whether using Lucas Safeguard Ethanol Treatment to keep my outboard engines in check and protected from ethanol-blended fuels or Upper Cylinder Lube to get better fuel economy in my truck, I have found each product works specifically as designed. 

For my outboards I started running Land and Sea and noticed right away less smoke, a cleaner burn and less consumption of oil and fuel. The exhaust port in the center of the prop remained clean and carbon free and that told me right away it was burning cleaner and with less harmful emissions. Initially I mixed it with other oils already in the reservoirs but now solely use the new Lucas Semi-Synthetic TC-W3 Marine Oil that is specifically formulated for high performance outboard engines. 

The National Marine Manufacturing Association has strict guidelines for marine oils and Lucas exceeds those standards. Smoke inhibitors and an ashless detergent additive keeps plugs clean, rings from sticking and the combustion chamber clean from deposits. It also provides rust protection for internal parts and prevents piston and cylinder scuffing allowing for longer runs, better economy and a more life for your outboard. 

Lucas Marine 2 Stroke Semi-Synthetic blends the highest quality synthetic and mineral based oils available to improve compression and eliminate wear. 

Lucas Marine stands by Lucas Marine 2 Stroke Oil and it will not void outboard engine warranties.