Performing Regular Outboard Engine Maintenance

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Today’s 4-stroke outboards are more reliable and dependable than ever before. But there’s still some basic maintenance that you need to follow to keep them in top running condition. On the side of the motor under the cowling, there’s a maintenance schedule that you should follow. Every 100 hours of use or at least once a year make sure to inspect the anodes, low pressure fuel filter, look at the spark plugs, as well as the thermostat. Make sure you replace engine oil and filters as well as gearcase in the lower unit.

Now a lot of people say “how do you change the oil on a 4-stroke outboard?” It’s not too different than on a car, but on the side motor there’s an interesting little item called a QR code. If you scan this with your smart phone it will give you step by step instructions how to change that oil and if you choose not to change that oil yourself.  You can simply just type in your zip code and it will give you the nearest Mercury Marine dealer that can do it for you. So make sure you take the steps to keep your outboard in top running condition year after year.