Pad-Style Aluminum Boats Possible with Xpress

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All aluminum boats are not created equal. Most are now built for comfort, cost, value, stability and fishability—they are fishing boats. Speed is not a characteristic that many account for. There is a difference and Xpress Boats is building high-performance bass boats, not just fishing boats.

Building a pad-designed hull is difficult to accomplish and takes precise engineering. Welding of the boat by many manufacturers is done in a die used to hold the two bottom parts together. Getting a precise and exact bottom contour can be impossible at times using that technique.

None showcase that better than Xpress and their Hyperlift hull. It’s rare to find a performance pad-style hull in an aluminum boat but Xpress has it in their Xclusive and Hyperlift series of bass boats.

What does that mean?

A pad style boat means the boat gets better performance and, with larger horsepower engines, more speed and a slick riding surface that provides stability. It also means better lift and the ability to get more boat out of the water for better top-end speed and a more comfortable ride at those speeds. Better performance increases the responsiveness of the boat and allows for better fuel economy and peak engine performance both in mid-range and at top-end and the ability to steer cleaner with less torque. Today’s steering systems are hydraulic which decreases torque as well.

Xpress sits in a position by themselves with high horsepower, high performance pad-style aluminum bass boats. There are numerous high-quality aluminum boats but Xpress holds a unique position in the category where they go after buyers who are looking for fiberglass big boat features in aluminum. Items like hydraulic jackplates for even better performance can be added to the Xpress.

Nothing beats a test ride for decision making when buying and it is very important to do so under less than optimum conditions, in my opinion. This past fall we had that opportunity to test the Xclusive X21 at Kentucky Lake and to say it was windy was an understatement. Coming out of a calm marina we hit two and three footers with a cross wind and to say the ride was impressive was also an understatement. The hole shot and lift at take-off was crisp but adding horsepower increased the effectiveness of the ride. The Hyperlift hull was easy to feel when it hit the pad.

There are several advantages to having an aluminum boat. One is weight. Aluminum boats normally float higher and tow much easier too. If they are built well to tight tolerances, provide fishing amenities that fiberglass manufacturer’s offer and allow for a quiet, even in rough conditions, ride, your selection is limited. Xpress not only works on creature comforts but has a soup to nuts selection of boats for bass anglers and hunters alike. With an attractive price point we are seeing more die-hard anglers looking at this line-up.

Xpress features Hyperlift performance but the inside of the boat is every bit as impressive. Tight tolerances, smooth welds, attention to detail in lids and seating, more than ample storage and creative set-up with step and large decks makes this boat very different in the aluminum boat space, in particular comparing it to other high performance offerings with horsepower of 250 hp available. I have been very impressed with the total package including the trailer and layout but am equally impressed with their prices. The X21 Xclusive can be purchased for around 35K depending on options. Hard to find these type of features in the all-aluminum welded bass boat space.

Xtreme coat, a rough coating used by Xpress on gunnels and under lids including the seat box, provides a non-skid surface and sound deadening advantage too.


Xpress offers more options including a full range of Minn Kota Trolling Motors, Humminbird electronics, T&H Jackplates, Yamaha engines and Minn Kota Talons on their Xclusive Series. Sea Star Hydraulic Steering, Hot Foot and clothing comes with the TEAM package.

There are a lot of great aluminum boats on the market but if you are wanting high performance, high horsepower, and fiberglass features, Xpress Boats is the place to get it.

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