Flow-rite Remote Drain Plug for Boats

Remembering the drain plug can be a big deal, in particular, if you live where laws mandate removing it when trailering or if your boat takes on water very fast with it removed. Both can be even more crucial in cold water conditions. Being able to get to the plug with today’s high performance boat hulls and larger outboards can be a real bugger as it is normally tucked deep under the transom. Just about every boater at one time or another has forgotten to put the plug in and it can be difficult to get to quickly after launching.

We recently installed a new feature on our boat called the Flow-rite Remote Drain Plug that gives the peace of mind to be able to open or close the drain plug at the console of the boat whether you forget it at launch or not.  No more running for the trailer or laying on a wet boat ramp to put the plug in the boat. The plug can easily be closed or opened right from the driver’s seat.

Many states, like Minnesota, have strict rules for transportation of water in a boat and mandate the removal of all water from the livewell and sump via the drain plug after trailering. The livewell can be drained from the boat inside most boats but the drain plug has always been an issue. Typically it means crawling under the boat, soaking your needs and getting a single stream shower as you escape the torrent if there was water in the bilge area. The Flow-rite eliminates that issue by simply moving an open/close baffle in the console area.

Several boat companies are offering this as an option on their boats.

To learn more go to Flow-rite’s website.

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