2 Tips to Keep Old Outboards Running Strong

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We’ve always been big believers that maintenance is a lot cheaper than repairs-especially when it comes to our outboard motors. We use our boats for a living and it’s imperative that they’re running in top shape at all times.


Wired2fish staffer Walker Smith’s boat is a prime example of the importance of continuous maintenance. At 21 years old, his outboard is running stronger than ever since switching to non-ethanol fuel and regularly using fuel treatments. He’s been using Sea Foam Marine Pro for the past year and has noticed a tremendous difference in performance.

By simply using Marine Pro each time he fills up with gas, he has noticed marked improvements in his hole shot and top speed, while also enjoying much less smoke than before. It cleans injectors, removes old carbon deposits from cylinder heads, cleans and lubricates critical upper engine areas and even stabilizes tank fuel for up to two years.

Walker plans on using this product for years to come so he can prolong the life of his bass-fishing rig. As he says, a paid-for boat is the best kind of boat!


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