Lithium Batteries for Fishing | 4 Reasons to Consider

Today’s anglers have many options regarding boat batteries and powering our essential equipment. We caught up with pro bass angler and guide John Murray for a quick rundown on why he’s converted his fishing boat from traditional batteries (lead-acid and AGM) to lithium iron phosphate batteries. Murray shares the top 4 reasons lithium battery power benefits his fishing experience. As with any discretionary spending, the consumer needs to do their homework and do a cost-benefit analysis based on need. *Featured batteries at the bottom.

Top reasons John Murray made the switch to lithium batteries:

  1. More power. With up to twice the power of traditional batteries, lithium batteries allow you to run harder and longer than conventional lead acid and AGM batteries. Additionally, a flat voltage curve provides steady and consistent voltage until the battery is fully discharged, whereas lead acid batteries experience a voltage drop as the battery is used.
  2. Lighter. While most essential in aircraft, weight, and balance can significantly impact boating. Traditional batteries can add a lot of weight to boats, which reduces performance such as fuel economy, hole shot, acceleration, and top-end speed. They’re also just flat-out heavy to lift and move around. Lithium batteries shave up to 1/2 the weight. Weight savings also equates to handing improvements in many situations.
  3. Faster charge times. Anglers are often in a pinch to get some juice back in those batteries! Lithium batteries accept a faster current rate, thus charging quicker than traditional batteries.
  4. Last longer. Lithium batteries have a long life expectancy when properly cared for (and longer warranty periods). While the upfront cost is greater, a longer lifespan can drastically reduce their cost over time and make them an attractive option.


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