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Flambeau Zerust Max Waterproof Tuff Tainer WP5005ZM Review

Whew… the name of this tackle tray is a mouthful and I’m not quite sure I’ll remember the exact model number for too long. But I’ve been using it and putting it through its paces for months and I’ll certainly remember how well it has worked for me.

I don’t get too carried away with modular storage when it comes to my fishing lures (several of our other guys are better at that than me), but I’m a big stickler for not wasting money. When you store baits in cheap containers, you can end up wasting money because they’ll inevitably rust and before you know it, you have frogs with ruined hooks, crankbaits with rusted hook hangers and topwater lures with compromised split rings. Like you, I work hard for my money and I’m not going to let my fishing lures get ruined.

I’ve found this tackle tray, however, that keeps all of my lures in tip-top shape; I’m actually considering buying a lot more of them and revamping my storage system this summer. Hang with me for a minute or two and I’ll explain why I like this tray so much.

flambeau zerust dividers

The Zerust really works

The Zerust Max Waterproof Tuff Tainer WP5005ZM includes 15 Zerust dividers that release an odorless vapor that creates a barrier around interior metal components. It sounds a little crazy but after using this line of products for almost 10 years, I can confidently say this technology works. You can put a soaking-wet lure in one of this particular tray, close it up for weeks and when you open it back up, you won’t have a single hint of rust anywhere on your lures. You no longer have to worry about cutting off your wet baits and leaving ‘em in the bottom of your boat overnight. I’m not a scientist and I have no clue how this Zerust stuff works, but I can personally guarantee you that it’s the real deal.

I have used these Zerust dividers in my my tournament boxes and in my old, raggedy pond boxes and have never noticed the first bit of rust on any of my bass fishing lures. Again, I’m not a storage nerd and I don’t go crazy when it comes to keeping everything in line. But this Zerust technology makes it easy for me. I just throw my stuff in there and go fishing; rust is never even a thought.

Totally waterproof

Unfortunately, I’ve tested a lot of waterproof products in my career that are… not waterproof at all. I don’t know where some of the claims come from but I can confidently say that the Zerust Max Waterproof Tuff Tainer WP5005ZM is 100% waterproof. You can put your most valuable lures in here, close and latch the tray and dunk it underwater if you really wanted to. You won’t have any water penetrate the container and all of your gear will remain absolutely dry.

This is largely because of the silicone O-ring gasket inside the lid. It facilitates a really nice, solid seal that doesn’t allow any moisture to sneak in. You can bang this box all around a truck bed, a bass boat or a jon boat and you won’t have to worry about the seal coming loose or anything of the sort. I have a really nice collection of some high-end, hand-carved crankbaits and I will actually be transferring them to one of these Zerust Max Waterproof Tuff Tainer WP5005ZM boxes when I order some more. That’s how much confidence I have in this container.

Solid latches

I’m pretty sure that most everyone reading this has dealt with crappy latches on a tackle tray at some point in time. Once you finally get everything organized and laid out the way you want it, you’ll either hit the dang box on something or close it “wrong” and snap off a cheap, plastic latch. It has driven me nuts throughout my life and has caused a few angry fits over the years. When I spend my hard-earned money on something, I want it to work and stay intact. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about the latches on the Zerust Max Waterproof Tuff Tainer WP5005ZM. The polycarbonate latches are incredibly secure yet easy to operature with just one hand. They’re plenty sturdy so you don’t have to baby them to avoid breaking them. When you first use the latches you’ll understand what I’m talking about. They’re designed to last a long, long time.

Final impressions

I highly recommend the Zerust Max Waterproof Tuff Tainer WP5005ZM for the storage of your favorite bass fishing lures. Rust will never be and issue, these boxes are totally waterproof and the latches are solid and made to last. As someone who has lost a lot of lures over the years to moisture and rust, I think these boxes are a very smart investment that will save a lot of money and protect those nostalgic lures you might own.

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