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Spring Bank Fishing for Rough Fish VLOG!

Bank fishing is a great way to get outside and enjoy the first signs of spring. One of the indicators that signify spring in the north is the annual sucker run. Suckers are considered a rough fish species and are not often targeted until they pile up during their spring spawning migration. They’re the most accessible and first fish to target after ice out and they do a good job shaking off the winter blues by allowing you to set the hook all day long with a full-size rod.

Wired2Fish staffer McKeon Roberts and buddy Drew Erickson look forward to this time every year and say it pays to do some scouting to determine which spots trigger the run first. Once you get the timing and location right, catching them is easy with a very simple rig requiring only a weight, bare hook and some freshly caught worms soaked on the bottom. When prepared correctly, suckers make for excellent table fare as well as great cut bait for catfish. They provide fun for all fisherman regardless of age or skill level and are a great way to spend time outdoors.