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How to Layer Fishing Clothes | Drew Cook’s AFTCO Guide

Wearing the right fishing cloths equates to more comfort and time spent fishing no matter the conditions. Pro bass angler Drew Cook shares his expert advice on layering clothes for fishing in wide-ranging conditions. The key, Cook says, is staying comfortable, warm, and dry while maintaining the mobility needed for effective fishing.

Cook starts his layering with the AFTCO Hydronaut Gloves. These wind-resistant gloves are essential for rides down the lake but are swapped out for the more nimble Helm Gloves once he stops to fish. These gloves allow for casting with both spinning rods and baitcasters, providing warmth without sacrificing dexterity.

FEATURED CLOTHING (in order as shown)

Next, Cook discusses the importance of the AFTCO Barricade Jacket and Bibs. Lightweight yet windproof and waterproof, these garments are perfect for when a heavier jacket would be too much. The versatility of these pieces allows anglers to adapt to changing weather conditions.

When it comes to the best fishing shirts and hoodies, Cook layers an AFTCO Reaper Hoodie, which comes with a built-in face mask for added protection. Under his hoodie, he wears the AFTCO Air-O-Mesh Shirt, which serves as his base layer and sun protection. This shirt features a handy thumb strap to prevent the sleeves from riding up when wearing a jacket. He also wears the Summit Beanie in cooler conditions to reduce heat loss through his head.

For footwear, Cook recommends the new AFTCO Ankle Deck Boots, which are waterproof and windproof and don’t require heavy socks to keep comfortable. Check out our Best Fishing Boots buyers guide for more options.

On cooler days, Cook opts for AFTCO Honcho Pants, but he layers with the F2 Fleece Pants for colder weather. One notable feature of the Helm Gloves is their touchscreen compatibility, allowing anglers to use their fish finders without removing their gloves. Additionally, the Hydronaut Gloves have a built-in wiper to clean water or ice off your screen.

Cook explains that layering is crucial for winter or early spring fishing, as it allows for greater mobility and the ability to add or remove layers as needed. This adaptability gives anglers a competitive edge, enabling them to stay on the water longer and fish more effectively.