Costa Reefton Pro Sunglasses Review

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It has been a long time since I owned a pair of quality fishing sunglasses. For starters… I’m pretty dang rough on stuff. I try not to be, but tearing up valuable items seems to be a strength of mine. The few pairs of nice glasses I’ve had over the years have been broken or lost within the first few weeks or months at best. 

So for the last 5 or 6 years, I’ve been riding the old cheap shades bandwagon, picking up a pair of sunglasses for 20 bucks at a convenience store when I need some. Shades that I could weedeat in or sit on and virtually destroy, without getting that bent out of shape myself. 

And another issue? I’ve got a big head. Mama always said it was big so I’d have room for all them brains God gave me. Whether that’s the case or not, big heads make finding quality sunglasses that fit a bit difficult as well.

Costa thankfully offered to send me a pair of shades to review. So I figured it was high time to grow up and learn to take care of a nice pair of shades, if I could find some that fit. That’s where the Reefton Pros come into the picture. They are probably the best fishing sunglasses I’ve ever worn. 

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My first impression

When I first put on the Costa Reefton Pros, I was immediately reminded that there truly is a vast difference between cheap sunglasses and quality ones. I had worn cheap sunglasses for so long, I had convinced myself there was no need to spend the money on an expensive pair. 

And again, full disclosure, I didn’t spend the money on these. But, I let my dad try them on and he liked them so much, he honestly bought a pair for himself. They really are legit and they make a huge difference.

General information

The Costa Reefton Pro Sunglasses derive their name from a famed New Zealand Fishing town. Costa used their propriety and environmentally friendly bio-resin sourced from the caster bean to build these frames. The result is a lightweight, durable design built to withstand salt, sun and heat. 

Premium lenses

Costa used their polarized 580 lenses in the construction of the Reefton Pros, which filter the reflective glare coming off the water, enabling anglers to see beneath the surface and relieving eye fatigue. They also offer 100% UV protection. In addition, the C-Wall coating provides extra scratch-resistance and a barrier that repels water, oil and sweat for easy cleaning.

XL Frame Size, Regular-Wide Fit

There are several things that make the Reefton Pro the perfect pair of sunglasses for me, as an avid angler with a larger-than-average noggin. First, the frames are extra large with a regular-wide fit according to Costa’s sizing system. If you’d like to see what size should fit you, check their sizing chart here. 

Flexible frame

I also like that the Reefton Pros have spring-loaded hinges. This allows the Reefton frame, which only comes in one size, to still accommodate a fairly wide range of heads.

Adjustable nose pads

The adjustable nose pads are another really cool feature of the Reefton Pros. You can bend these to create the perfect fit across the bridge of your nose and be absolutely certain these shades won’t slip down your face. 

Blocks sun well

The wide frame also blocks sunlight that is able to make its way into the eye from the peripheral with thinner-framed glasses. This is something I really look for in any pair of sunglasses and makes a huge difference when trying to sight fish. 

Final thoughts about the Costa Reefton Pro Sunglasses

Had Costa not sent me these glasses to review, I would likely still be wearing my $20 pair of shades from the gas station. But it would have been an ignorance is bliss-type situation. There’s absolutely no comparison between what I’ve worn for the last few years versus what I’ve worn the last couple months.

The Reefton Pros are exceptional sunglasses that fit my head well, are extremely durable and fairly lightweight. The frame and lenses block out light and knock the glare off the water so that I can see the fish, bait and cover I’m looking for. 

With details like the adjustable nose pads and flexible hinges as well as the stylish looks and quality Costa is known for, the Reefton Pros are a great buy if you’re in the market for a high quality set of shades. With the holidays coming up as well, they’ll also be a heckuva gift for the special angler in your life. 

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