AFTCO Samurai 2 Hooded Shirt Review

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Sunscreen is something I’m far from fond of, a necessary evil at best. Anytime I can find a product that prevents me from having to apply and reapply that nasty mess all over my pale skin it certainly peaks my interest. When it’s clothing that is comfortable, light and stretchy (to match my ever-fluctuating waistline), my interests top out completely. That’s what I found in the AFTCO Samurai 2 Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt. Let’s talk about it.

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AFTCO Samurai 2


When it comes to clothes, I believe in function over fashion 100% of the time; when it’s solely up to me, at least. I wear whatever my wife wants me to wear the majority of the time. There’s no use in complaining about it and it’s a small compromise for all the good she brings to my life. However, if it weren’t for her, I’d be the walking epitome of comfortably disheveled–one of the many examples of why God said pretty quickly after making Adam, “It’s not good for man to be alone.”

I love being comfortable in my clothes. It’s why I had several pairs of Crocs. I especially value comfort when on the water. The more comfortable I am, the better I fish. Alas, there’s also the old adage, “If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you play good.” As much as it pangs me to say it, there’s some truth in that statement as well. I found the best of both worlds in the AFTCO Samurai 2 Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt.


This shirt feels great and looks pretty good. I mean, it’s not a “Church shirt”, as my good clothes were referred to growing up. It’s stylish no doubt and looks right at home on the water. There are 12 colors available on AFTCO’s site. The shirt fits well, without being overly baggy. This is thanks to a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The sizes range from small to XXL in the standard, “performance fit”, with additional 3X-5X, “Big Guy” sizes.


The whole shirt has a UPF 50 rating to protect against harmful UV rays. The hood and sleeves offer maximum coverage without being cumbersome or restrictive. The material comes into play again here to set this shirt apart, offering max protection while remaining light and comfortable.


Some other long sleeve sun shirts I’ve worn are a bit heavier and baggier. The looser fitting shirts often end up catching on my reel or rod. The heaviness causes them to hang close to the body, even though they’re baggier. This shirt, however, is the… airiest shirt like this I’ve worn; that seems like a good way to describe it.

It has a good fit without clinging to the body. It’s moisture wicking and quick drying, keeping me from being wet and clammy like I am when wearing T-shirts and even some other sun shirts. It’s also stain and odor resistant thanks to an antimicrobial treatment, which is nice for the ride home after a good 8 to 10 hours on the water.

AFTCO samurai 2


This shirt is priced at $39 for standard (male) sizes and $49 for “Big Guy” versions. A female version of this shirt is also available for $39, with 7 color options and sizes ranging from XS to XL (no “Big Gal” nomenclature on the ladies’ shirts—good job dodging that bullet AFTCO).

This is a great shirt for fishing and has become my go-to piece of clothing when on the water in all seasons. I’ve had this shirt for about a year and have probably worn it 50 times. It holds its shape well and is still going strong, with little to no visible stains or wear and tear. This is a great product from a company that has dedicated a lot of time, money and energy into learning what anglers want and need. Great job with this one, AFTCO. The Samurai 2 Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt is an easy product for me to recommend.

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