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According to multiple reports, the Tennessee Valley Authority will resume their extensive weed control efforts on Lake Guntersville this summer, just a few short months after it played host to the 2014 Bassmaster Classic. This is a long-term plan that will be in effect for six consecutive years.

The world renowned bass fishery is famous for its thick vegetation and giant largemouth bass, but recreationalists and homeowners believe the grass to be a nuisance.

The treatment will cost up to $1 million per year and the TVA will front the cost for the first three years. In 2019, it seems the new state board will take over and become financially responsible.

Check out the full write-up and additional photos by Lee Roop on al.com.

What do you think about this decision? Do you think it will hurt the bass fishing? We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

31 thoughts on “Guntersville Grass to be Treated for 6 Years

  1. Yes, when they kill the grass they will kill a great fishery! The same thing happened at Lake Murray and Santee Cooper in SC. They killed the grass and the lakes have not been the same. They produce great catches at times but not like they were. Unfortunate!

  2. We fished the Oakley Big Bass Tour tournament on Guntersville back in October 2013, they had treated the grass around the Siebold area. I believe they had used copper sulfate if I am not mistaken. It will be interesting to see how that area looks when we go back this year. I fished Guntersville twice in 2013, in May and in October. I was amazed at how thick the grass was in some areas. It is almost impossible to get into and out of. I think eliminating some of the grass is OK. I do think they need to monitor the results and make sure that not too much is killed off. A lot of people don’t stop to think that most of these man made impoundments were created mainly for the purpose of water conservation and power generation. In order for the lake to be used for its intended purpose, it must have occasional maintenance.

  3. Hey homeowners, if you want a house on the water with no grass go to SMITH LAKE. Stop messing with the fishermen who bring millions into Marshall county. How much have you brought in? Duh.

  4. Kill the grass and fishing will go down the drain. It happened on Guntersville back in the early 90’s. Took 10 years for the fishing to rebound. The grass was killed on Wheeler about 20 years ago and the fishing is just now picking back up and the grass is still not growing. I do believe in killing the grass around boat houses and public access areas. But on the river channel and back in the creeks, leave it alone. Most recreation boaters don’t know exactly where the deeper water is. The grass keeps them out of dangerous and shallow areas. Maybe we can come to a compromise.

  5. I fished Santee Cooper for years and you could see the decline numbers and weights after the grass was treated. Santee still produces big bass but mainly springtime. Grass is essential habitat for largemouth, it helps produce big fish. That has been proven time and time again. It would be interesting to see how much the communities benefit financially from the tourist bass fishing versus the pleasure boater.

  6. They did the same thing to kentucky lake, in the late 60’s to early 70’s I beleave. When enough pleasure boaters and home owners complain the will kill off the grass. With kentucky lake being my home lake and the great fishery it is, i would love to see how it would have effected the fishing if the grass had not been killed off. I think that maybe killing off a little of the grass would be ok. But completely depriving the lake of grass like they did the kentucky lake, would be ignorant. I mean now on the south end of the kentucky lake towards the new johnsonville area there is grass coming back and starting to spread a little farther north. But in my opinion the fishing is better down there as far as quality, and often times you can tell the guys who ran farther south by there sack of fish. I don’t think they are thinking of the future, and the effects that it could have on the fishery. That effect could aslo carry over to the income of that community. The fisherman bring in so much money to the local buinesses. I just would hate to see something happen to a fishery of this caliber. It could be benifical and could be disasterous for the lake, i just hope they leave a good amount of grass. Only time will tell what is to come of guntersville. I wish my rant would sway the big wigs at the TVA but they probably dont care what i have to say. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  7. Is the TVA completely stoned or just completely STUPID!? Another great lake will be screwed by the great and all mighty TVA. Bama and the small towns around G’Ville will suffer greatly from such a stupid move by the TVA.

  8. Remember KVD’s spot in Lake Cataouatche during the last classic in New Orleans. The grass “mysteriously” disappeared. You are lucky to catch catfish there now!

  9. I am a native of lake Guntersville. They have done this on Guntersville before. It killed the lake for more than ten years. It turned what was the best lake in the country to nothing more than a huge mud hole. Now Guntersville is back and the area is profiting off tourism to the Lake. Kill the grass, kill tourism . It all comes from the Rich folks living around the scottsboro, and Guntersville. Doctors, Lawyers, politicians, etc…. Who live on the lake and their spoiled brat children and grand children jet ski, and pleasure boat, and the yucky grass bothers them. They make calls, and obviously they are the ones who have placed people on TVA Boards, high ranking TVA Officials live where they do and drink their Margaritas on the weekends and hear complaints about the grass. It’s common knowledge who complains about the grass, and they have enough money to live anywhere. They don’t give a damn about the lake or the fishery it has become. They care about their fancy boat houses, and their power boats getting dirty. If this happens I hope a list of people who have complained about the grass to TVA is released for Public Record. Rose berry Creek Doctors etc… It’s always the same.

    • Brandon i beleave you hit the nail right on the head! Money talks and when spoiled yupies that are worth millions of dollars complain they get they’re way! When in reality the fisherman are the ones who really care good of the lake and the future of the lake, and preserving it for years to come.

  10. Horrible, horrible idea. Without the grass, they will have nothing more than a big swimming hole. How much money do pleasure boaters and skiers bring to their communities? Who travels hundreds of miles, rents cabins,and eats in restaurants to ski? They’ve lost their minds.

  11. Horrible ideas!! Really hate to see this happen cause of the all mighty dollar ! Here and ideas rich people that have no desire for fishing or the outdoors, study up on the importance the grass is to the habitat of our favorite fishery! How about we take the oxygen out of your houses and see how well you like it!! Will only drive the fish into deeper waters and out of the creeks and resulting in poor fishing and poor fishing means no visitors. Economic loss will on cause the community to suffer but wait what to y’all care your already rich and don’t spend your money there anyways yet u take it to Huntsville malls and to Birmingham. How about just move there and leave the damn lake along???

  12. It’s amazing all the millions are generated by fishermen, who are drawn to the top lake in the country. Why? The grass. It’s absolutely ridiculous to initiate a eradication program. when the grass is gone,, so are the anglers , and so is the money. Any public official that pushed for this should be publicly ridiculed and his leadership questioned.

  13. I’ve seen so many ponds that I used to catch good fish in good numbers get ruined by killing the ecosystem just so people that don’t care about fishing can have their own selfish thoughtless fun. These people are always a good example of one way the general population puts themselves first. They often pollute the land and water in many different ways.In a lot of states, it’s the sportsman’s money that keeps our natural habitats maintained, but we don’t seem to get much say in what happens to our fisheries…

  14. To kill the grass is to kill the fishing. Guntetsville is world renowned for its grass and monster largemouth it harbors. Grass control is not a bad idea in moderation. To do a drastic kill will not just kill the grass but the cities and towns that surround the lake. The economy surrounding the impoundment relies heavily on big tournaments coming through. No big stringers = no big tournaments. Guntetsville will be washed up and thousands of people will suffer. People that live around the lake will still fish it but those anglers that travel hundreds of miles around to fish legendary Guntetsville won’t no more. Why don’t those who are calling the shots focus on those pleasure boaters and jet skiers that get out and drink and operate water craft and their large wake boats causing bank erosion and litter up the lake. That to me is far more worse than some grass. Just sayin.

  15. Call the Governor (s), Call /Write the Al Mnt Lakes Tourist Assn., Form a PAC, protest, write letters, we can get it stopped if we’ll just band together & do something besides complain. TVA will listen to the elected politicians, both Federal, State & Local. They have to. They work for US!!

    • Treating the grass for this lake should not be allowed. The money that the fisherman bring to the lake is much greater than what the other yuppies bring in. Check this out, there goes the bass master classic for many years to come and all the other tournaments and out of town fisherman that are drawn to the lake because it produces and brings in millions revenue. Their going to ruin the lake and then goes the tourism dollars which will have a catastrophic effect on the economy. Leave the lake alone. How much money does the pleasure boaters bring in ? If the yuppies don’t like it then move away.

  16. “One of my first actions as a United States congressman was to ask the TVA leadership to resume their abandoned weed effort,” U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) said Friday. “I thank TVA President and CEO Bill Johnson and the Tennessee Valley’s own TVA Board of Directors Chairman Joe Ritch, for being responsive to weed control requests by my office, mayors, commissioners and elected officials throughout the Tennessee Valley. Today’s weed control decision means the Tennessee Valley’s rivers and lakes will continue to be a great tourism and recreational resource for years to come.”

    There ya go! Who voted for him??? I surely won’t again!

  17. I think it’s a bad idea , I live on Old Hickory lake in Tn , and they killed the grass here and the fishing is not very good on this lake.

  18. Me and alot of my friends go down to guntersville 3-4 weeks a year along with alot of other people in my area. If you kill the grass it kills the fishing and if the fishing isnt good why would my friends and i want to go if the fishing is worse than where i live. Tva is paying money for the locals to lose business and money this stupid decision by tva will hurt the economy of the locals big time.

  19. I can understand, people who live on the lake, wanting to have the grass gone from around their docks But, spraying all the other areas is unnecessary and crazy!!!! Save the fish and save the money for the cost to spray
    Everyone knows that Lake Guntersville is a great fishing habitat Why would anyone want to mess with that So many things of nature are being destroyed these days We need to protect what God created Its not natural to put chemicals into the water You kill the grass, you kill the fish

  20. After reading the article Mo Brooks is part of the driving force behind this misguided effort,surely there is a doctor or lawyer out there that fishes that can educate him further on this issue !

  21. I just fished the Big G for the first time last weekend and what an awesome lake!! It’s sad that they would do such a thing for that lenght of time and think that it wouldn’t have some effect on the fish!! While I was there, their were people from Ohio, Virgina, Carolina’s…etc. No grass will greatly effect the tourism aspect once the word gets out and big fish numbers decline. There are a few websites that rank it #1 or 2 in the nation and i’m sure that has helped generate a great rep for the lake. I live about an hour from the Big G and Chicamauga; most of the lakes around my house have no grass at all and the fishing is so so but nothing compared to those two. It’s well worth the drive to have a chance to catch a monster!! Sounds like a have a few more years to try and catch a big one before it starts to decline :(
    I’m no biologist and i’m sure there needs to be some control over the grass but 6 yrs! Come on!!

  22. I can’t believe they are even considering it. Scottsboro and Guntersville’s economy revolves around that lake and it’s vegitation. From what I’ve heard they already tried that once. They succeeded in killing the grass and killed their economy along with it, early 90s i think. How bad is it really hurting whatever it’s hurting? How muck income will the economy loose if it’s gone? Is there any gain in their economy if it were to leave? Guntersville is in the top 5 bass lakes in the country, if not the best because it withstands so much pressure. Why even think about messing it up? Don’t be idiots.

  23. I made 7 trips to Guntersville myself last year, including renting cabins and hotels for every stay. I sure hope they don’t kill too much grass. My friends and I have been coming to G-Ville for the last 8 years in a row for the guys weekend get away – FOR THE FISHING. This year there are 8 of us coming for 5 days and renting a cabin. Imagine how many guys probably do this throughout the year in Guntersville. Imagine how much money would be lost if these guys stop coming. Modertion is good. But 6 years of grass killing is not moderation.

  24. They are not eradicating the grass in Guntersville, the media always blows this out of proportion by using terms such as eradicate, eliminate, etc. They will simply be treatiing small portions of the lake and most all areas will be at the request of private landowners and public use areas.. In the last few years tva required private land owners to take care of their aquatic weed problems themselves and this led to many taking it upon themselves to kill the weeds and Im sure several used chemicals not registered for aquatic use (which is illegal) Their budget of 1 million dollars will only fund so many acres of hydrilla treatment. (these chemicals are not cheap) most of the areas will be from the shoreline out about 200-300 ft. around public use areas. Anything further out is typically controlled by a harvestor to cut boat lanes. But I believe they are treating a large block in front of goosepond (500 acres), bc of a resort/hotel that is being built. Most of the people doing this are very aware of the benefits fisherman bring to the area.. Im actually one of these fishermen. Hopefully they will reach a happy medium between the marina owners/home owners and the bass fishermen. I have pretty creditable resources pertaining to this issue

    • Dont believe all that you read, history and data shows spraying even targeted areas in different lakes in different decades has ruined top notch fisheries such as wheeler,Kentucky lake,guntersville,Nickajack and others ,unsafe to swim in and I prefer my fish and water to drink without chelated copper.

  25. Spraying anywhere on the lake is stupid cause it harms the fish. No one would want to eat the fish after all that spraying. They need something that would drag the bottom and dig the grass up by its roots and just do it around the docks and banks where the rich live. The grass alone the main river and the open flats should be left alone. My guess is that they will probably do it. They have ever where else and the rich all ways gets there way

  26. The rumors of all the grass being killed are just not true, the grass was late coming this year but it is ther now as thick as ever. For the truth of what is going on see sss.lakeguntersvillestakeholders.org.

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