Tokyo rig

tokyo rig for bass fishing

A Tokyo rig is another great bait to pitch up shallow. What sets this presentation apart the most is its ability to be fished slow and even stationary, while still having a lot of action. This makes it a fantastic bait to pitch shallow when bass are either bedding or just particularly finicky and slow to bite, like in the heat of the summer or the bitter cold of winter.

The drop arm of the Tokyo rig puts a little distance between the weight and the soft plastic. This allows the actual bait to kind of drift around a bit, without actually moving the weight. This subtle bit of action is at times needed to get fish to commit to the bait if they’re not super aggressive. This is particularly effective if there’s a little bit of current present, as it will wash the bait around.

You can use a lot of the same soft plastics on both the Texas rig and the Tokyo rig. Worms, creature baits, tubes and craws are all good choices for both. The biggest difference between the two again is that separation of the weight from the bait, which makes for an entirely different presentation.