The basics

chatterbait bass fishing lure in hand

For starters, let’s take a quick look at how this bait is built. It’s basically a pill-shaped jighead attached to a small willow leaf blade via a clip. Again, this is a pretty similar setup to what you’d see out of a ChatterBait, as far as how the blade is attached to the jig head. There are key differences though between the WillowVibe and Z-Man’s ChatterBait lineup: there’s no skirt, the head shape is unique, it’s a good bit smaller overall and they used a willow leaf blade as opposed to the 6-sided blades used on their ChatterBaits.

The hook is relatively small as well, coming in at a 2/0. But it’s still a beefy little hook and I’ve caught and boat flipped a few bass pushing 3 pounds on it with no problems. There’s a bait keeper on the back of the shaft of the hook, placed strategically near the head of the bait to help secure soft plastic trailers. And that’s essentially it. Not that complicated looking of a bait, though I’m not saying it was necessarily easy to come up with, either.

It’s just a little different, and again, I was a little underwhelmed at first glance. But what I found when I casted it out, is that “a little different” is an awesome thing when it comes to this bait’s design.