Team ARK MiniDiver

fishing lure in the mouth of a bluegill and yellow perch

The Team ARK MiniDiver is likely my favorite crankbait of all for beginners for two reasons: This bait gets tons of bites (by all kinds of fish) and it is also very easy to throw for its size. There are other small crankbaits out there that also get bit, but many of them are so light that they’re nearly impossible to cast. ARK incorporated a magnetic weight transfer system into this little nugget to help overcome that major issue we see in other baits its size.

A magnetic weight transfer system consists of a chamber in the bait, a spherical metal weight that rolls through that chamber and a magnet that holds it in place. At less than 2 inches long, it’s quite impressive that the lure manufacturer was even able to put a system like this in place. But the benefit of it is huge. As you go to cast, you can actually hear the weight dislodge from the magnet near the front of the bait and click as it rolls back and loads up in the tail. Having the weight in the tail now, the bait is aerodynamic and soars through the air as you cast it.

This system allows you to cast the MiniDiver I’d say twice as far as some of the other crankbaits its size. And as important as that is, if the bait doesn’t get bit, then you’ve really just got a bait on your hands that you get to reel twice as far. Fortunately, this thing is a piece of candy to a bass; about like putting a cheese puff in front of me which, let me tell you, is fairly effective.

I was introduced to this bait by Elite Series pro Clent Davis and he affectionally refers to the MiniDiver as “Auto-bass”, meaning it’s just about always going to get a bite. I can attest to its effectiveness now myself. One of the best things for beginners is just to get a few bites, even if they aren’t all bass. That’s how you build confidence in a bait and stay interested in fishing. This bait does that the best of any moving bait I’ve ever fished with.