Soft jerkbait


One of the gold standards as far as baits go, the Zoom Super Fluke, has likely boated a million bass by now. It’s a great bait for tricking bass that are relating to nearly any sort of baitfish. But it lends itself to fishing around fry.


It represents a threat to the fry, so it catches the attention really well of the male bass that’s guarding the fry and the female bass that’s trying to eat them. And, a Fluke has the ability to stay in their face a relatively long time.

Where other baits will sink out of sight quickly or float on the surface, a Fluke gets right in the fish’s face and just hovers there. This is important with fry guarders, who typically aren’t that interested in eating anything, they just want to run everything off. But the males see pretty quickly after a few repetitive casts that this threat isn’t going away if they simply take a swipe at it or swirl on it. The bass is going to have to eat this if it wants to eliminate the threat, so they often do.

A Fluke also does a good job of peaking the lethargic female’s interest if she’s still hanging around trying to get to the fry. The females aren’t typically super aggressive, but instead just kind of lazily float around. So aggressive power-fishing baits typically aren’t ideal in these situations. Instead, you want something like a Fluke to kind of hang in the strike zone, draw her attention but also not be too terribly threatening.