Shimano Macbeth Shallow 50F

macbeth shimano shallow 50f

The combination of a Hybrid Edge round bill, strong buoyancy, and fixed one-piece weight construction make the Macbeth Shallow 50F the perfect crankbait for sub-surface cranking in depths just under one foot. Shimano engineered the Hybrid Edge round bill to achieve a fast and fish-enticing swimming action with the durability to withstand punishing contact with cover. The wide round bill on the MB-50F Shallow protects the front hook while reeling through rocks, wood, dock pilings and more, while a thick-diameter rear hook stands up to obstacles and adds durability during tough fights with trophies. The unique one-piece weight within the Macbeth Shallow concentrates the center of gravity, allowing the lure to recover quickly after making contact with cover while enticing aggressive reaction bites. Each Macbeth Shallow 50F is 2” (50 mm) long, weighs ½ oz (13 g), and has an MSRP of $10.99.