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Hard Contrast Crankbait Colors | What it Looks Like Underwater

How important are colors in crankbait fishing, and what colors or color combinations stand out the most in muddy water? Many anglers believe color has a significant impact on a bait’s ability to be seen by and attract bass.

This “What it Looks Like” compares 2 colors of the hugely popular SPRO Little John 50 crankbait lineup. The high contrast “Western Chartreuse Black Back” runs side-by-side with the bright but less contrasty “Chartreuse Nasty.” Sold chartreuse-colored cranks with a black back are a go-to pattern in muddy waters around the country. The video seems to confirm why — a hard flash appears between the contrasting chartreuse and black, making it stand out to direct and peripheral vision more than Chartreuse Nasty (in our opinion anyway).

Beyond color, sound and vibration are major attributes of a crankbait. The has a single rubber coated tungsten ball in its weight transfer system for a distinct and subtle thud that’s proven to excel for pressured bass.