Z-Man ChatterBait Elite EVO Review with Stephen Browning

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Pro bass angler Stephen Browning ranks the ChatterBait as his favorite lure thanks to its many varieties, extreme versatility, and ability to catch bass when many other baits fall short. And the list of best ChatterBaits just got longer. In this video, Browning details one of the market’s newest and hottest bladed jigs, the ChatterBait Elite EVO.

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Browning dives into the design specifics that make the ChatterBait Elite EVO a unique and practical addition to your collection. He explains the importance of immediate blade engagement for optimal vibration and feel. The EVO’s design features a unique blade and hole diameter that ensures the blade starts working when it hits the water. The hook is optimized too. Browning explains how the EVO’s longer shank hook and increased gap improves hooking percentages.


The key to the ChatterBait Elite EVO’s success lies in its hunting action. Browning demonstrates how the blade’s contact with the jig head creates a lifelike, erratic movement, key for triggering reactionary bites from bass. Similar to a squarebill crankbait contacting cover, this hunting action, where the bait tracks straight before darting off and returning, mimics a fleeing baitfish and triggers more bites.


Browning shares insights on customizing your ChatterBait setup. He discusses choosing the best ChatterBait trailer for enhanced action and bulk. The unique head design with “glide wings” lets the bait veer off track momentarily, adding to its erratic behavior.


Tackling the right gear, Browning suggests a heavy power moderate action rod for power fishing ChatterBaits. He pairs a fast 7.5:1 Lew’s Tournament Pro reel with 14-pound fluorocarbon line. This setup ensures the perfect blend of sensitivity, strength, and speed for effective ChatterBait fishing.

As Browning wraps up his session, he reflects on the day’s success using different ChatterBait colors and retrieval methods. He highlights the versatility of the ChatterBait Elite EVO, combining vibration, visual appeal, and erratic action.