VMC Crossover Pliers and Ring Review with Seth Feider

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Suppose you’re into fishing bass with soft plastics. How would you like to switch from wacky rigging to Neko rigging in seconds without retying? You’re in luck! Seth Feider provides an overview of the innovative VMC Crossover Pliers and Crossover Ring, both designed to be used in unison and allow fast switching between wacky and Neko rigging without retying.


While standard automotive-style o-rings work, they have some drawbacks. First off, the slim design tends to cut plastics in half under pressure. A thin profile also means limited contact with the bait for a less secure overall fit. Secondly, while an o-ring supports Neko rigging, it’s not optimal for keeping your hook in a perpendicular orientation when wacky rigging.

The Crossover Rings solve several problems – they’re available in various sizes to fit a wide range of soft plastics. The tubing-style design has much more surface area to provide a snug hold that reduces tearing. Perhaps most unique, Feider looks at the dual-channel design and shows how to change hook positions quickly. Rigging geeks will appreciate the ability to color match Crossover Rings to their plastics colors. Money savers and environmentally friendly folks will enjoy saving money while reducing plastic in our waterways.

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