Strike King Plus Polarized Sunglasses Review

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A good pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing is worth its weight in gold. Cutting down glare, being able to see fish-holding targets under the surface before you get too close, cutting down eye fatigue on those long sunny days on the water are just some of the things that make sunglasses indispensable for anglers of all skill levels. I’ve been using the new Strike King Plus Polarized Sunglasses for most of this year and found these to be very comfortable, affordable and dependable sunglasses for bass fishing.

Cool options

Clear frames, frosted blue frames, various colors of tints, mirrors and more bring really nice modern styling to really affordable fishing sunglasses with the Strike King Plus Polarized Sunglasses new frames for 2019. I’ve been wearing the Platte and Cash frames a bunch and have tried all the different lenses and colors of frames this year. I really like the clear and blue options on both the Platte and Cash frames.

Comfortable on ears

I have a big noggin. So wearing low-cost sunglasses can be a chore. They often are poorly made, with sharp edges and pinch way to tight on a larger head. But the Strike King Plus sunglasses, namely the Cash and Platte frames, have been very simple, sleek and comfortable wearing sunglasses for me this year. The ear pieces are smooth and swept making for a very comfortable fit without any pinching.

Comfortable nose without wear

I also get really tired of nose pads on fishing sunglasses wearing out too quickly and having to constantly be replaced because heaven forbid someone sweat while they fish. But the simple design of the Platte and Cash frames in the Strike King Plus Polarized sunglasses line offer smooth comfortable, unpadded designs that stay snug on your face without ever wearing out on you.

Solid sides

Both the Platte and Cash frames feature thin but strong side arms that look stylish while also staying tight after several months of being thrown in boat compartments, tackle bags, glove compartments in trucks and golf carts and fishing trips all over the United States this season.

Reinforced hinges keep them tight

The hardware on the arms showcase a reinforced hinge that has kept these frames tight and fitting like new all year.

Good visibility

The lenses in the Strike King Plus Polarized Cash and Platte frames have done really well. While they aren’t the most penetrating lenses I’ve seen in terms of being able to see under the surface at depth, I have not had any issue seeing baitfish, stumps, brush piles and even cruising bass and bluegill while out fishing on a variety of lakes. I used them sight fishing this spring in several states as well as bluegill and crappie fishing earlier this summer.

Great fishing sunglasses on a budget

At a price around $29, these are shades you simply want to have for fishing. They look good, fit good, fish good while giving you decent quality at a great price. They make a great backup pair if you don’t want to wear higher-dollar shades in all fishing situations. But honestly, they are just fine as a primary pair for any type of fishing.

Wear nicely

I wear mine all the time now whether I’m running or walking in the mornings, fishing in the afternoons, driving to the store, hanging out on the lake or tromping around in the woods. I have a pair of the Strike King Plus Polarized Cash or Platte frames with me all the time now. For $29, there’s no excuse to not have good, functional, polarized sunglasses. These are some of the best sunglasses Strike King has ever made in my opinion.

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