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Rapala Curved Fisherman’s Pliers Review


Pliers aren’t the sexiest fishing product in the world to review. I totally get it. But I’m not doing this review to bore you or anyone else. I wanted to show you the most-used piece of fishing equipment I own. The Rapala 6 1/2-inch Curved Fisherman’s Pliers go with me everywhere I go. Whether I’m fishing a tournament, guiding a fishing trip or hitting the pond before supper, these things do not leave my side. It has been that way for more than five years. I have two or three in my boat, one in my truck and one in the glove compartment of my side-by-side UTV.

I want to make it clear that I have tried countless pliers and truth be told, a lot of them are total junk. So before you head to the hardware store and get some cheap pair of pliers that will rust shut in a few weeks or months, hear me out on these. I won’t take much of your time.