Lure Lock 4-in-1 Deep Box Review

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The new Lure Lock 4-in-1 Deep Box offers a unique twist on tackle storage for a number of reasons. It comes with a variety of configuration options. It can serve the purpose of three tackle boxes, one subdivided tackle box or a bulk open storage box. And because of the Tak Logic technology, you can arrange a variety of fishing tackle and not worry about it jostling around and getting tangled.

At first I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of the idea but after I played around with a few options, I’m really loving the box now. I’ve settled in on it as my prespawn, shallow crankbait box. It houses most all of my Rapala shallow crankbaits for winter and prespawn. I’ve piled it full of DT4 and DT6 crankbaits, Shad Raps in a multitude of sizes and colors and even some Tail Dancers as well as extra hooks.

4 different storage boxes in 1

The Lure Lock 4-in-1 Box comes with the big box, two additional trays and two different systems for dividers. With the original divider system you can create 1-24 deep spaces. With the wider green dividers you can have 1-18 deep spaces. With the two tray system, you can have three levels of narrow wide storage and with everything out of the box you can have one big box for bulk storing anything from line to tools or large swimbaits.

Crazy neat storage capacity

That’s basically my staple box of Rapala crankbaits for cold water loaded into the three trays of the Lure Lock 4-in-1 box. I’ve got the colors, sizes, actions and additional components I need to crank all season with this one box. Then when the water warms up and the bass get on the beds, I’ll pull the box out and put it on the shelf in the shop. But the versatility of this box is pretty incredible. 

Here’s a quick video of me opening the box up with all the cranks in it.

Tak Logic holds Tackle in Place

The Tak Logic bottoms in the trays holds everything in place really well. I did find while running down the lake on a rough day, if you turn the boxes on their side, like how a lot of anglers will store their boxes in a boat, the baits will move around a bit and squish to one side in the open trays without rows.

So I’ve been keeping mine flat in the tackle compartment of my boat and haven’t had any issues since. 

One unified storage system

A box with a ton of options. You can use the big dividers and have a pretty nifty box for storing big crankbaits and even jerkbaits, standing several up in each compartment. With the shallow trays, it’s perfect for a multitude of small crankbaits and topwaters. And with the open compartment, it makes a heck of a good line box or big swimbait box. 

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