JB3 Rods Series Two Sea Pony Rod Review

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I have been lucky enough to try out the new the lineup of JB3 Series Two Bass rods, and they have not disappointed. I have used almost every rod in the series so far, however one that really stuck out to me was the JB3 Rods Series Two Sea Pony. 

I’m not one to have tons of rods on my front deck during a tournament. I prefer to keep it simple with three or four rods that I can use for a multitude of different techniques. This rod covers a ton of bases for me and has quickly become a new addition to my every-day lineup of rods.


The JB3 Sea Pony is a 7-foot, 7-inch heavy-power rod with a moderate-fast action. This rod has a very unique action that has been great for a wide range of techniques during my recent trips. Here in the south, it is topwater and dragging season, two techniques this rod has excelled at. 

During my recent trips, I have used this rod to drag a Zoom Ol’ Monster through brush piles. This rod has a strong backbone that gives me the power to yank fish out of heavy cover whenever they bite deep down in the cover. This rod also has a very forgiving tip, allowing it to bend and load up when setting the hook into a fish. This has lead to a better hookup percentage as opposed to throwing a worm on a broomstick with no give in the rod tip which can lead to ripping the hook out of a fish’s mouth.

I have also really enjoyed this rod for throwing a frog. Here in Alabama we have a ton of grass and differing types vegetation that grows off the bank. This rod has been great for making long casts with a frog around these types of vegetation. 

Given the rods longer length, it’s not really made for those tight roll casts. However, when it comes to bombing a frog down a long stretch of grass, this rod has been a solid go-to. The mix of backbone and a forgiving tip has really helped with getting good hookups and keeping fish pinned all the way to the boat. 


My first impression after using this rod was how notable its overall weight and sensitivity were. A 7-foot 7-inch rod isn’t small, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed how light it was. It is a well-balanced rod which really helps with overall fatigue during long days of fishing. The split grip design is nice with a very fine cork used.

This rod is also extremely sensitive. The handle and reel seat allows for a great connection between the rod and your hand which lets you feel even the slightest differences. This is a great rod for throwing any type of bottom bait whether it be a jig, Carolina rig or big worm.


All of the JB3 Series Two Heavy Power rods feature an intermediate modulus graphite blank, durable guides, and handles made of premium grade A cork. Along with using premium components, all of the JB3 rods are made stateside in Texas, U.S.A. 

The JB3 Sea Pony is priced at $259, which is in line with higher-end, American made, boutique rods and their highest priced flagship rod because of its length and power. Overall, this is an extremely versatile rod for fishing around heavy cover. Given the rod’s high quality components, price point and overall versatility, I would be confident in recommending it to anyone looking for a good all-around, made-in-the-USA rod in this price range.