HUK Waypoint Hoodie Review

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I get pretty attached to good fishing gear. Right now one of my favorite fishing shirts for hot weather is probably the Huk Waypoint Hoodie. It’s a unique material that is ultra soft, stretches, is breathable and keeps you protected from the sun. But I’ve been wearing these hoodies since last fall and I love them. Huk was nice enough to send me a Waypoint Hoodie last fall and since then I have bought 3 more. Here’s a quick run down on why I’ve grown to like the Huk Waypoint Hoodie so much. The appeal of this fishing hoodie basically boils down to the following criteria:

  • Materials
  • Sun protection
  • Breathability
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Sizing
  • Looks

This has been my go to piece of fishing clothing this summer for a number of reasons. But mostly because it’s comfortable, and in a loose size it breaths well and keeps me cool on hot days. Check out the details on the Huk Waypoint Hoodie.  

Jason with a spring largemouth bass

It’s been a lucky fishing shirt

If you’re in the market for a great sun hoodie for fishing, you really owe it to yourself to try the Huk Waypoint Hoodies. They have 6 colors to choose from and even released a new Running Lakes color series this year that I’m also anxious to try. They are a little more expensive but for how long they have lasted me, I’ve been very happy with my purchases. Check out the Huk Waypoint Hoodie at these online retailers:


huk waypoint hoodie front view hood down


One of the things I like about this shirt is that it really does breath well. Some of the polyester shirts will get damp, and sometimes they are too thick. The Huk Waypoint hoodie is made of a unique material that keeps the sun off of you while letting the air flow through it. I always order up a size with sun hoodies because I want the clothing to be loose so air flow is maximized. I have been so pleased with this hoodie for fishing in the summer.

comfortable waypoint hoodie from huk


The Huk Waypoint Hoodie stretches to fit nicely through out. The sleeves are double stitched and well made where they will fit snuggly on your forearm if you want to push your sleeves up and stick your hand into the water. The quick dry material is nice as well. I will often scoop some water onto my back or chest and then make a run in the boat to cool off. The shirt fits nicely and has worked great as base layer as well in cooler months.

huk waypoint hoodie pocket


These hoodies have survived a ton of fishing trips and a bunch of washes. The material will pill some after numerous washes but I haven’t minded that as these are my most worn fishing shirts. After six months of use my first one is still going strong and I wore it this morning fishing on Kentucky Lake. And you’ll see from the fish pictures I’ll share that it gets worn a lot!

huk hoodie jason with mess of crappie

Fit and Looks

I’m a big guy at 6-foot, 1-inch and 285 pounds and I love the way these Waypoint Hoodies look on. They wear nicely. I can tuck them in, leave them out, and wear em with jeans, shorts and even a vest in cooler months. I’ve worn it as a base layer in the winter, and it has worked really well. Sometimes when you’re a big dude, finding fishing clothes that fit well can be a chore, but these hoodies are a pleasant surprise in sun protection and comfortable fishing shirts.

Great Fishing in these Hoodies

huk waypoint hoodie

Waypoint Hoodie Materials

Huk used a special process to grind up old recycled plastic bottles to create fibers that translated into their lightest and softest piece of clothing to date. The special process not only has a conservation aspect but it turns out it’s very comfortable and does a great job blocking the sun with a 50+ UPF rating. The hoodie is stretchable and moves with you as you get down in the boat, wade through your favorite stream or just ride around lake.

huk waypoint hoodie sun protection

Sun protection

The Huk Waypoint Hoodie has a hood without draw strings that stays up on your head while fishing and drops down easily while riding around and cooling off. With a visor, I keep my head cool and my face shaded most days while fishing in the grueling summer heat.