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Deps Pulsecod Review

Many anglers think ‘a popper is a popper.’ In truth, some poppers are good and some are not. Some will make a big plop noise, some will make a big splash, some will walk and some will do all of the above. So we’re always on the looking for a good one because it’s just too fun to catch bass on top to not have a few good ones in the boat or tackle box.

When we first saw the Deps Pulsecod at ICAST in 2012, we were intrigued by the interesting pulse mechanism it had inside of it. There is a tungsten ball on the end of a spring inside the bait. When you pop it hard it will actually click and clack against the side of the bait. But that’s not the real allure of it. Supposedly it will cause the bait to quiver ever so subtly in the water.

Now will this make it the most useful popper on the market? Hard to say. But I can say it does catch fish for many reasons

It’s fat

One thing I look for in a good popper is weight. The Pulsecod weighs more than 1/2 ounce and is more than 3 inches long. Typically when I fish a popper, I want to put it next to or often under a target. I’m not just fishing it randomly on banks. I’m making casts to specific spots. So the bait needs weight to give you control. ??The Pulsecod casts very well with a weight in its tail. It sits slightly tail down in the water and walks well in that posture without moving too far forward, keeping it in the strike zone longer around targets.

 Good vibrations

The bait definitely vibrates in one spot. It’s not quite as significant as you might think, but I sort of like that.. You can give it a few quick pops and let it quiver. Then repeat. That was a good combination when I fished it in the post spawn timeframe this spring. I think when you’re targeting fish around the spawn, this could be a great addition to a standard popper. I like that when you’re walking and popping it, the ball on the spring will actually click and clack a bit too. So you get vibration, sound and a good action.


Devil in the details

I really like the colors they offer in this bait. I got the Glass Cat color and I really like the Bluegill color. I added a little chartreuse and red to my bait and the bass seemed to like it pretty well through the spring and summer. The eyes look good and hold up well. Nothing worse than a hard bait that loses an eye. No worries with this bait.

Walks and talks

I got the bait to walk easily. It can make a big plop on a hard jerk. It will walk on very small twitches and it stays side to side without moving too far forward. I think that’s key with a good popper because the more it moves without moving forward the more it will aggravate a nearby bass. It’s a versatile popper in that it can make a big commotion, clack with noise or move silently and of course vibrate.

The catch

It catches bass well. The hooks are sticky sharp, and the bass that rolled up on it got stuck whether they had it in the mouth or on the outside of their face on an apprehensive strike. However the catch here is the price. At $25, you’re not going to be filling your tackle box with Pulsecods. But if you’re in the market for a popper rich with detail and features, have a look at the colors and and options at Tackle Warehouse and other local retailers that carry Deps lures.