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BOSS Switchblade Swimbait Head Review

 I’ll confess. I’ve had the BOSS Switchblade Swimbait Heads for quite a while now, but never really let the cat out of the bag. I guess even though reviewing tackle is a big part of my job description, there are still things you come across that you want to keep to yourself for a little while.

The BOSS Switchblade Swimbait Head has been one of my staple swimbait heads for fishing 3- to 6-inch paddle tail and boot tail swimbaits for the last year. I’ve thrown 3-inch Keitech Fat Swing Impacts, Rage Swimmers, 5-inch Zoom Boot Tail Flukes and 6-inch Scottsboro Tackle swimbaits on it. I probably prefer the 4-inch and 5-inch Zoom Swimmer hollow bodied swimbaits the best on the head day in and day out. I’ve just had so much success with the combination, and I believe it’s really where this swimbait head shows off its features.

The Switchblade offers the most unique keeper design that allows the angler to not only thread on a swimbait and then pin it to the shank of the hook, but you can also add a swivel and small blade and turn the same swimbait head into an underspin in seconds if you so desire. 

As you’ll see in the slides, it comes in a variety of sizes and can handle a variety of solid body and hollow body swimbaits alike. But really the head was already proven in an earlier version of the BOSS Swimbait head. By adding this masterful keeper/blade addition, BOSS just sweetened the offering. 

Surprisingly it’s pretty easy to rig a swimbait straight on the hook. I will measure off where I want the hook point to come out the back of the swimbait. Thread on the body, then you take and push the keeper up through the belly and feel around and hook it over the shank. It holds the swimbait extremely well. Better than I’ve seen any keeper hold a swimbait before short of super glue. 

I also really liked that the larger sizes have a flatter bottom to them, because as you would expect, you will likely be slow rolling and bottom bouncing and that flatter head design keeps the swimbait keeled upright whereas the smaller versions don’t require it as you will be up in the water column more.

A lot of thought went into these heads and it’s obvious a talented angler had input and a hand in the design. I’ve fished the BOSS Switchblades in 1 foot of water and out to 40 feet of water. I’ve fished them for suspended fish and little swimbaits and on the ledges for big fish with bigger paddle tail swimbaits. It really is a versatile head for a ton of soft bodied swimbait situations.

Check out the slides to see more of the rigging options and how the keeper system works as well as adding a blade to it. 

You can find the BOSS Switchblade Swimbait Head at for $6.99 a 3-pack and at their website

Multiple sizes to fit various bodies

Ability to add swivel and blade to make it an underspin a bonus

Works with a lot of different solid and hollow bodied swimbaits

The unique keeper holds swimbaits the best

Before rigging the keeper

After rigging the keeper

A look at the BOSS Switchblade underwater

Here’s a look at the BOSS Switchblade Swimbait Head underwater with a Zoom Boot Tail Fluke.

Flatter bottom on heavier heads for bottom bumping

A nice bass that fell for the BOSS Switchblade and Zoom Swimmer