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How to Fish Weedless Swimbaits Around Shallow Cover

Few baits mimic baitfish around shallow cover better than weedless-rigged paddle tail swimbaits. Patrick Walters shares several tips ranging from tackle selection and rigging tips to how to get more bites and improve hookups when chasing bass in the shallows.


Paddle tails come in a vast range of styles and sizes, but day in, day out, Walters prefers moderate-sized baits with excellent tail and body wag; this is key when you need to get the maximum amount of bites – mid-sized baits appeal to a wide range of bass sizes and moods. The ability to rig straight and true plus durability are added benefits that reduce downtime spent rigging. Walters also explains why he favors straight braid spooled on a fast gear-ratio reel over a fluorocarbon setup.