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Where to Find Bass in the Spring | Underwater Analysis

Wired2fish’s Kobie Koenig shows us fantastic underwater footage of spring largemouth bass and ties their location to water temperature and mapping so you can quickly find the best fishing spots. This video serves as a valuable lesson in quickly locating the biggest schools of bass on any given water body in the spring of the year. The takeaway is straightforward — find the warmest water, find the bass.

Finding warm water requires more than starring at your graph’s temperature gauge. Koenig explains how to narrow your search using digital lake maps to identify shallow bays and pockets adjacent to deeper wintering areas. Nature also adds to the story. The presence of fish-eating birds such as loons (diving ducks), ospreys, and gulls informs that baitfish are near, which usually correlates to water temp. Additionally, dark, soft-bottomed parts of the lake usually warm the quickest. In short, use your electronics coupled with nature’s cues to get on the bass.