Uncommon Uses for the Ultra Vibe Speed Craw

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The fishing industry is all about the new; each year something comes out that’s touted to be the next magic mousetrap product. Some make it and some don’t, but new innovation and products is what drives the industry.

Some baits stand the test of time and little by little, the secrets are let out of the bag and lures that were designed for one use end up finding a new application for another use. One of significance is the Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw. 

In production for over 10 years, the Ultra Vibe is a bait that can be used in multiple applications and for multiple techniques. 

Common uses

The Ultra Vibe Speed Craw is a multi-use bait that can be fished Texas-rigged, with a shaky head or as a jig trailer, but the beauty of this compact crustacean is the unique fast-paddling pinchers that are patented by Zoom. 

The split is beveled, which allows it to catch more water and paddle quickly due to the position on the body putting off vibration and pin minnow-type action. We have a great review of the Zoom Ultra Vibe that you can read here.  

Spinnerbait and vibrating jig trailer

The beauty of this little bait is its versatility. The folks at Zoom call it the “cricket” and rig it on a Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head or SpotSticker Pro Series Ball Jig Head.

On a recent trip with Edwin Evers prior to his Classic win, I witnessed firsthand its power as a spinnerbait trailer. Teamed with a 3/4-ounce War Eagle Spinnerbait it put more fish in the boat than any other combination. We caught several good fish on that bait combination and actually tried a few other trailers just to see if it made a difference; and it definitely seemed to matter. While it may have been a coincidence, confidence is a key ingredient in any selection and our confidence grew incrementally with this particular trailer. 


I also noticed that the body shape helped keel the spinnerbait and give it lift and when falling; its little legs kicked like crazy.

The Z-Man Freedom Chatterbait is also a great bait for the use of this soft plastic. The side-to-side vibrating action of the Chatterbait compliments the Ultra Vibe quite well. There is something very special about the appendages working in concert with the action of the Chatterbait and the new Chatterbait Freedom increases the effectiveness of the trailer. It also allows the Chatterbait to be rigged weedless.  

Final thoughts

Many baits are designed for one thing and anglers find other ways to utilize them even more effectively. The Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw is a multi-category plastic crawfish imitator that may be one of the more versatile trailers in fishing.