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How to Power Drop Shot Springtime Bass (Bubba Shot)

Flipping and pitching standard Texas-rigged plastics are a hallmark of spring bass fishing, but savvy anglers also keep the drop shot at the ready. Pro bass angler Cody Meyer explains the technique of power shotting, aka bubba shotting, that is, upsizing your drop shot gear to heavier line and traditional casting gear so you can drop shot in and around heavy cover.

While other vertical presentations work, the effectiveness of a tantalizing plastic presented a set distance off the bottom is irrefutably effective for prespawn and spawning bass. The trick is to pitch the setup around holes in the grass, up along laydowns, or adjacent to docks and other manmade cover. Hooking percentages are usually superior to conventional Texas rigs and jigs thanks in part to heavier line and rods.

Meyer shares his go-to rod and line setup for power shotting, as well as his preferred hook and drop shot weight sizes. Follow this guidance to connect with fish other anglers have been passing over with more traditional tactics. Check out our Spring Fishing Channel for more timely tips.