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Giant Bass Caught in Texas with Carl Jocumsen (10-pounder‼️) | Full Story

The quest for a personal best bass — it’s part of what drives hardcore red-blooded anglers every day we’re on the water. Well, our Wired2fish team was fortunate enough to film Bassmaster Elite Series pro Carl Jocumsen catch one of his personal bests in April on a public lake in Texas (on 3 separate cameras!).


Video producers Mitch Anderson and Kobie Koenig, along with footage provided by Carl and Kayla Jocumsen, chronicle the emotional rollercoaster of pursuing a 10-pound bedding bass and the many challenges catching a fish of this caliber present. As the video unfolds, we appreciate this beautiful fish and the skill and persistence required to put your hands on a fish like this.

Texas produces giant bass and lots of ’em. A special thanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Fishing Division and their popular Toyota ShareLunker program. They’re proof that progressive fisheries management produces and sustains quality fisheries, habitat, and angler opportunities.