ChatterBait Science: Vibration and The “Right” Hookset with Rick Clunn

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We’ve always loved watching Jimmy Liao of Fish Code Studios on YouTube. His practical and scientific breakdowns of bass fishing techniques not only intrigue the mind, but also make things easy for everyone to understand. 

We recently ran across this video explaining the science behind the ChatterBait’s effectiveness. It’s no secret this bass fishing lure catches a bunch of big bass throughout the country, but this explanation of its shimmy and vibration is fairly eye opening. Not only does the blade displace a lot of water, but the skirt and trailer also undulate as well, creating an instinctual reaction strike from nearby bass when felt with their lateral lines. 

Liao also had the opportunity to sit down to dinner with professional fishing legend Rick Clunn before an Elite Series tournament on the St. John’s River. Clunn likes to keep certain things close to the vest, but he unloaded a ton of helpful information to Liao throughout their dinner together. He explains the specifics behind his hookset theory when fishing vibrating jigs and explains his thought process behind it all. Ironically enough, Clunn actually won the tournament a few days after Liao’s interview with an incredible 98 pounds, 14 ounces of big largemouth. 

This is an information-packed video that should be studied by all anglers!