Xcite Baits Minnobi Introduced

The Xcite Baits Minnobi features a unique profile and specifically designed color patterns, to imitate both baitfish and gobies. Loaded with features including a lifelike goby and minnow profile, complete with stabilizing fins to allow the bait to glide or dart on the fall. The bulbous, T-Tail design shimmies at slow speeds and provides action to the bait when fished around current.

Rigged with flat side down, the Minnobi perfectly imitates a goby feeding on bottom. The flat bottom and fins, create a gliding action on the fall and at rest, the tail sits slightly upwards, imitating a goby nosing down on bottom.

Rigged with the flat side on top, the Minnobi will have a darting and erratic action. The T-Tail design helps water flow across the tail and provide lift, creating a subtle shimmy and roll to the bait. When held still on a dropshot, the bait sits nose up, imitating a variety of baitfish feeding upwards.

Extremely versatile, the Xcite Baits Minnobi can be fished on a dropshot, but is also a perfect bait to rig on a ball head, ned rig, or small underspin, enticing even the biggest fish to bite on the most difficult of days.

Size: 3.3 inches | 8 Per Bag | $5.99

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