Wired2fish Hires Hanggi as Associate Editor

Wired2fish, Inc. is excited to announce we have hired Sam Hanggi of the Auburn Bass Fishing Team to be our new Associate Editor.

Currently finishing his degree in pre-law at Auburn University, Hanggi also serves as the Auburn Bass Fishing Team Vice President. Sam’s successful collegiate fishing background, combined with his writing talents, will bring a valuable asset to the Wired2fish editorial team.

“Sam checked a lot of the boxes we needed to fill with this new position,” said COO and Publisher Jason Sealock. “He’s avid college angler with a passion for bass fishing, but he also knows digital publishing, writing clean copy quickly, the industry jargon and a good portion of the products we write about. And he’s located in a great area of the country to make content that resonates with our diverse angling audience.”

“I accepted this offer in the fishing industry because fishing is my obsession,” Hanggi said. “I often find myself grinding through whatever work needs to be done quickly, so I can refocus on fishing. It’s my belief that you will do your best work and go farthest in life if you have a passion for what you do and where you work, and fishing is what I truly enjoy.

“I want to make a career in this industry, and I feel that the writing skills I acquired through my college years will suit me well working at Wired2fish. And, I’ve been a student of Wired2fish forever, so this is a dream opportunity for me. I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next and who I’ll work with in fishing.”

Hanggi grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, and wanted to fish at Auburn University for his entire childhood. His favorite style of fishing is throwing a big swimbait, crankbait or just power fishing in general. He placed 6th at the Collegiate Bass Championship on the St Lawrence River in 2021, and most recently, 7th in the MLF Abu Garcia College Fishing event at Harris Chain of Lakes in January. Hanggi finds the most fulfillment when putting together a solid game plan on the water.

As Associate Editor at Wired2fish, Hanggi will share insights on successful fishing techniques, gear and locations with millions of Wired2fish readers and viewers.