Wired 2 Fish Launches


Editors note: This was our very first post when the site originally launched in 2008.

Wired2Fish.com is officially a reality. Our mission is simple. Wired2Fish.com

is all about bringing the sport together. Its all about bringing the best in tips

and techniques from the best pro’s in the business including Denny Brauer, Dean

Rojas, Scott Suggs, Brent Ehrler, Jason Quinn, Mark Davis, Jared Lintner, and Elite

Series Rookie Bobby Myers, the best in video produced by Auten Interactive and the

best in Radio with Wired2Fish Radio and of course the best place to buy the best

products at the Wired2Fish Store. We want you to have all the information you need

to make informed decisions about what to buy and what makes it better. It’s all

about the details. We want your input.

We won’t be reporting the news but rather why the news happened. What technique

was used to win an Elite Series event, the FLW Tour or the PWT? If they caught them

on a spinnerbait, how did they fish it? Was it slow rolled or burned? Was it over

vegetation or around wood? What made Denny Brauer go to a spinnerbait and away from

his trademark Strike King jig, how did Dean Rojas fish blow downs with his famous

Spro Bronzeye Frog, what is the best tide to fish, how do you power drop shot, what’s

new in rigging a Berkley Hollow Belly? We are not just going to tell you….we’re

going to show you. At Wired2fish we are about the 3 E’s, education, entertainment

and e-commerce and we want to do it like it’s never been done before. No hidden

agenda’s, no bad mouthing, no controversy, just fishing! It’s our goal to be a positive

forward thinking website that helps grow the sport and bring more people to it.

Wired2Fish.com is all about the positive side of our sport. What baits are hot,

what are the pro’s secrets to success and what companies have the hottest baits

that are catching fish. It’s more than knowing what they are, its details about

how do you fish them and what were the variables to success. They will all be answered


We will cover the pro trails including the Bassmasters, the FLW Outdoors and the

PWT. We will show what goes on behind the scenes at the Bassmaster Classic, the

FLW Championship and the PWT Championship. We will show you what the leagues go

through before and after each tournament including the planning, the coverage and

the hard work all to pull it off. We will be engaged and we will share that information.

Wired2Fish.com will be working with BASS and FLW, other publications and websites

and doing our part to bring all of us who love this sport together. We are not competitive

but complimentary and we are excited about getting this show on the road. Hang on

because it’s going to be a fun ride.