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The Bass Tank Launches The Bass Tank Academy

The Bass Tank®, one of the largest authorized Dealers for Garmin and Lowrance in the U.S.A, is pleased to announce the launch of The Bass Tank® Academy™, the fishing industry’s first comprehensive online fishing electronics learning center of its kind, which can also be accessed through IOS or Android App.

The company has built a well-known reputation, rooted in helping people with their fishing electronics and providing expert technical support to its customers.

“We are known for providing expert technical support to our fishing electronics customers, and as many non-customers as we possibly can. After analyzing our inbound call records, social media messaging and emails, we estimated that over 50% of the people we are helping with tech support questions purchased their electronics elsewhere, but could not get the
proper support they needed. We genuinely want to help everyone, but obviously paying customers get priority, and while we have had a few non-customers get upset that we cannot devote the same time for them as we do customers, most are understanding. Of course we want everyone to buy their electronics from us, but we have been working hard on a solution for everyone, regardless of where they purchased their products. Hence the launch of The Bass Tank® Academy™”, Palmer stated.

The Bass Tank® Academy™ is a subscription based service. Some of the features include exclusive content, a comprehensive electronics installation course (with more courses coming), in-depth how-to videos added weekly, online tech support driven by a support ticket system, LIVE webinars, member only product deals, and more.

Palmer concluded, “We have been working hard at not only producing top notch content, but more importantly, providing accurate information, based on many years of real-life application, both on the water and in our shop. While it is true there are thousands of “how to” videos available on social media, in my experience much of it is incomplete, or just outright inaccurate. All of our videos are vetted by me personally to ensure accuracy before we make them available to our Subscribers. We are excited to now be able to share this expert knowledge with everyone, regardless of where they purchased their electronics. And, we have more to add to our Academy in the near future.”