Reel Butter

In previous articles we have spoken about making sure old and new reels are lubricated properly so they function well. The past few weeks we have been not only getting that dirty  job completed but have been able to test some products along the way that we think need mentioning.
We had a chance to look at Ardent’s Reel Kleen and Reel Guard products as well as Reel Butter and Reel Grease. They are everything they say they are and more. Reel Kleen knocks off even the toughest grime and Reel Guard protects the reel from corrosion.
Some anglers choose to use off the shelf  automotive  products for their reel maintenance and we feel that is an error. Specifically designed products work better and are not harmful to other parts in the reel. Products that are used in the automobile field may look like they  work and save the angler some pennies  but we have found that they come with some long term stumbling blocks. Residue, gum ups, breaking down paint and plastic parts are all part of that equation that are eliminated with the use of the Ardent system.
Ardent not only makes reels “Made in the US” but reel care products that are as well.
We gave all of our reels a once over this year and are pleased to say we are ready for soft water and warm temperatures.
Breaking down a reel takes a little forward planning and the goal is to have as many parts put back in than were taken off. Each part should be protected and each component of the reel should have both lubrication and protection. Whether its on the inside of the reel or the outside taking care of those high dollar jewels gives them lasting power and the ability to perform as they were designed.
Reel Butter by Ardent is some super slick stuff with a low viscosity and a anti-gumming agent that gives the part smooth running performance. It is compatable with both metal and plastic parts and can be wiped  on/off effectively with a soft cloth. Just a smiggin  of the Reel Butter and you won’t believe just how smooth  your reels will perform.
Reel Butter Oil is a high-performance synthetic oil developed by Ardent Reels specifically for fishing reel components. Ardent Reel Butter Oil is a 100% Full Synthetic product with specially engineered additives to provide superior, long-lasting lubrication for any model fishing reel.
Applying Reel Butter ® Oil to ball bearings, spool shafts, and other wear points in your favorite reel on a regular basis will ensure a smoother, quieter, and high-performance experience.
You can buy all of the Ardent products including Reel Butter, Reel Kleen, Reel Guard, and numerous kits  at Tackle Warehouse by clicking here.