Jewel Introduces “The Rock” Football Carolina Rig

Missouri based Jewel Bait Company knows a thing or two about jigs. They have some of the best jig fishermen in the business on staff with Kevin Short, Jeff Kriet, Mike McClelland, and Larry Nixon. They build precision products and ones that are known as difference makers to anglers who make a living fishing.
They now have a new football head Carolina Rig weight called “The Rock” and the simplicity of the idea  begged us to ask the question. Why hasn’t anyone done this before? A football head is perfect to decrease hang ups in rock and structure why wouldn’t it work for a Carolina Rig? The answer is simple. It takes a special company who cares about quality to take in all of the variables. Jewel Bait Company is that company.
Endorsed by perennial champion Mike McClelland The Rock is not a rounded football head but designed with two characteristics that keep it snag free but also stirs up the bottom. It has a flat spot and a scoop side on the football. Rig it with the flat spot forward and you can fish it through heavy cover or rig it with the scoop side forward and it will shovel and stir up the bottom.
We believe that Carolina Rig experts will agree this is a must have article of terminal tackle.
To learn more about “The Rock” click here or call 1-800-458-7370.