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J Todd Tucker inks Two New Deals

Elite Series pro J Todd Tucker has signed a title sponsor contract with TE Connectivity, ProCom Sales, INc and NextGen Sales for 2013. All three companies provide fiber connectivity equipment and technical infrastructure needs to business. He also inked a two-year deal with the Bainbridge Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“We, NextGen Sales,  are excited about working with J Todd and feel this endorsement will give us the opportunity to grow our relationships with our customers and establish an even larger marketshare” said Charles Beard, President of NextGen.  

” I am excited that NextGen saw the value in the outdoors and it will be neat to help them grown their business through fishing and trade show appearances with them” said Tucker.

Tucker also announced that Bainbridge Convention and Visitors Bureau has agreed to a two-year relationship, as well. The BC&VB is both proud and excited to be a sponsor of J Todd” said Adrienne Harrison, Director. “He is a huge asset to our area and our efforts moving forward.”

“I cut my teeth fishing on Lake Seminole with my dad and have many friends in the area, as well” said Tucker. “It’s exciting for me to have the chance to work closely with them and bring more folks in to enjoy our area.”