Inside a Legend Bass Boat

When you are looking at buying a bass boat, the outside of the boat is very important, however, premier boat builders will tell you that it’s how the boat is made and what is under the shine and polish that makes a difference. Using the  best materials combined with the functionality anglers want differentiate the great boats from the good ones.
Legend Boats build customized bass boats with features and functionality specific to the angler. They are built right and use the best components to assure a purchase of a Legend is one that will last a lifetime.
From the transom to the finish, Legend Boats company is all about the details. Advanced stringer system, advanced engineered transom and plenty of floatation to soften the ride and keep you safe is all part of the equation.
Legend Transom
Having a boat that looks great, rides great, and provides value defines a Legend boat. To learn more about Legend or to find a dealer near you go to

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