Former BASS Elite Series Pro Mark Tucker Passes

Mark Tucker, former Bassmaster Elite Series competitor, FLW champion, 8-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and avid outdoorsman, passed away in his sleep following a morning deer hunt this past weekend according to his friends posts on social media. Tucker had killed a deer early Sunday morning and drug it back and dressed it before laying down to make a nap which he never woke up from. .

Tucker was one of those anglers whom a lot of us from the midwest refer to as one of the “old guard.” Those perennial power fishermen that when they entered a tournament from Texas to Missouri, they were going to be “hard to guard.” He was a serious competitor, with an infectious smile and death grip bear hug when he saw a friend. He was an avid weightlifter and an absolute meticulous, straight-shooting, but lovable guy that took every endeavor with a serious intent.

He left the Elite Series in 2010, and fished his last of 8 Bassmaster Classics in 2012. He won an FLW Everstart Series event as well as a BFL in the spring of 2013 and a Bassmaster Open on Lewisville in Texas in 2011. He was a heck of a fishermen and a heck of a good man.

Many of his close friends have paid tributes including Rick Pierce of Bass Cat Boats, Dion Hibdon, Bernie Schultz, his team tournament partner Joe McBride and Table Rock Guide and close friend Rick Skidmore.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Mark Tucker's deer from the morning he passed away
Mark Tucker’s deer from the morning he passed away