Fish Monkey Launches Hunt Monkey Gloves

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All 14 models in Hunt Monkey’s 2021 line—12 gloves, two mittens, face guards and balaclavas—are engineered using the same high-tech components and rigorous develop processes that founder/president Tim Mossberg and his team used to take Fish Monkey to the top of the performance fishing glove market in just a few short years.

Fish Monkey’s success (the company has enjoyed triple digit growth for years) has led many retailers to ask Mossberg when he was going to move into the hunting market. His latest launch is the product of two years of development, focusing not only on product engineering, but also the creation of market-ready programs that make it easy for retailers to carry Hunt Monkey Products

Every Hunt Monkey model includes the features demanded by avid hunters and some they don’t even know they need. All are built to not only provide warmth, protection and concealment, but enhance hunter performance in the field.

As Mossberg proved with Fish Monkey, enthusiasts are demanding more than basic functions from the products they take in the field and they are willing to invest in best available. For hunters, functional warmth is part of the equation, but so is concealment, protection, grip, superb dexterity and feel.

It takes only minutes to experience the difference of Hunt Monkey’s no-compromise performance. 

Advanced Materials and Construction

Dry-Tec: Hunt Monkey’s advanced 3 Step process for making the ultimate 100% waterproof hunting gloves. DWR Water-Shed technology, exterior glove material sheds water keeping the glove light and comfortable. Moisture Barrier Fabrics (MBF) resist water penetration. HIPORA 100% Waterproof Breathable Membrane, keeps water out and hands from sweating. Resulting in an extremely comfortable dry and lightweight experience for your hands.

Thermo-Conductive Lining: The innovative use of advanced materials and design components used in Hunt Monkey Gloves allows our gloves to Trap, Retain and Transfer Heat throughout the glove while drastically reducing the bulk. Resulting in warmer hands with greater dexterity.

Precise Shooting Function: Engineered Slim-Cut index finger and thumb provide unrestricted trigger and loading use. Resulting in a better shooting experience.

Four Custom Camo Patterns

Hunt Monkey products are available in four exclusive camo patterns including Straw, Marsh, Moss and Hardwoods, as well as Blackout for those hunting from portable or box blinds. We build products for enthusiasts, it’s essential they out-perform everything else. We did that with Fish Monkey and we’re taking the same approach with Hunt Monkey.

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